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TriggerSmart has developed a user unique, childproof, Smart Gun using RFID Technology. Only the authorized user or group can fire the weapon. The Smart Gun will be harmless in the hands of a child or an intruder in the home. Our vision is to license our technology to gun manufacturers and sell Smart Guns principally to the USA gun market. Another goal is to have a police department put our Smart Guns on trial and then to supply further Law Enforcement agencies, the Military, and the civilian market.

The second part of the childproof gun safety system is the ability to remotely disable guns in certain zones such as airports, schools, Universities and Government buildings etc. This aspect of the technology is called Wide Area Control or WAC.

TriggerSmart Ltd has retained 100% ownership of all IP. Patent is 'GRANTED' in the USA by the USPTO on March 6th 2012. Patent is pending and filed in 57 other countries as defined and listed below.

The International Patent Application PCT/IE2010/000006 has almost completed the international stage. The European Patent Office, in its capacity as International Search Authority and International Preliminary Examination Authority, has searched and examined the claims of the International Patent Application PCT/IE2010/0000006 and has concluded that the current set of claims fulfill the criteria for patentability, thus are novel, inventive and capable of industrial application. Accordingly, entry into the European regional phase is completed by filing a European patent application. It is expected that the European application will proceed to grant without further prosecution. We have now completed the process of entering the national/regional phase by filing the PCT patent application in the various regions and countries of commercial interest including Europe (42 Countries) Eurasia ( 9 States including Russia) Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Israel, Japan and South Africa.
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